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Backgammon Set

$800 $1,000

Handmade Wood Inlay Backgammon Set, Made with the roots of 200 Years old Walnut tree in Kurdestan. It has wood inlaid on the inside and outside. Wood inlay is a combination of different types of wood that are substituted together to form one design. All pieces are delicately cut using hand saw to perfect size and fit. All images depict historical events and style of living. 

Dimension: 58  X 28 x 9 CM


430 Oxford Street Paddington, NSW Sydney, Australia 2021



Products are deemed in perfect condition without any damages at time of purchase as items are checked by staff and customer before packaging. Products can be returned or exchanged within 14 days of purchase and must be in original condition . You will receive a credit or refund for the full purchase price - excluding delivery if purchased online. 

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