Cotton Table Cloth with Block work 110 x 110
Cotton Table Cloth with Block work 110 x 110
Cotton Table Cloth with Block work 110 x 110
Cotton Table Cloth with Block work 110 x 110

Cotton Table Cloth with Block work 110 x 110

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Handmade Persian Block work on 100% natural cotton fabric. All dyes are natural. Persian Block work is known as Ghalamkari. 

Ghalamkari is defined as the art of designing and painting on cloth, the word ‘ghalam’ means pen in Persian as they can create marvelous designs with a pen. Its history is even older than the Persian carpet and the layout on carpets has been derived from Ghalamkari, they’re also similar to tiles, woodcarving, and plaster.

In fact, Ghamkari began to arise in Iran since mongols conquered Persia. Mongol kings were interested in importing Chinese printed cloths, so Iranian artists started to compete and innovated this astonishing art. In Safavid time, the art hit its peak especially among courtiers who used to wear a type of Ghalamkari which also was gilded. Isfahan was the capital city of Iran in that time and that’s why Naghshe- Jahan Square in Isfahan is the center of this art until now. These days, they work on it in Tabriz, Rasht, Kashan and Mashhad too.

As it became very popular, the artisans decided to find a solution to increase the production. So, instead of drawing, they made large wooden stamps. They draw the shapes on a paper and transfer it on a piece of wood, then carve it to make shapes clear and high relief. The wood is usually from pear or hawthorn tree so that it’s softer and easier for carving. These stamps are dipped in the oil, time to time, so they stay proper to use. The stamps are then dipped in natural dyes and transported onto the cotton fabrics. Once finished the fabric is then washed and let to dry so as the pattern is set on the cotton fabric. 

Dimension: 100 x 100 CM 

design: Vintage Style

Note: As photos have been taken with filters the colours may differ slightly. 

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